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Optimist Sailing Academy

Nicosia Sailing Club runs a “boutique” sailing academy for children between the ages of 5 and 14 and is approved by World Sailing as a Recognized Training Center. The Academy is intentionally kept small to offer the maximum care and support to participating children.

In order to get started, your child will need to take two private lessons  in order to see if they are interested in the sport. If they wish to continue and are accepted by our Trainer, you must apply to become a member of Nicosia Sailing Club and then enroll the child in the Academy in one of the following packages:


Lessons leading to World Sailing Certification 

The Club is certified as a World Sailing Recognized Training Center. Students receive their official personal diary which is divided into 4 stages of progress. The Trainer follows a teaching schedule that allows students to complete all topics required to pass each stage. Once a student is tested and found competent for a certain stage, the Trainer will certify the student on their personal diary. The diary can be used internationally as proof of competency for each stage.


Each stage requires approximately 8 hours for successful completion.  Packages of 8 hours of training are available for €300. Additional training hours may be required to pass a stage, depending on the skill level of the student. Fees are payable in advance. Schedule can be discussed directly with our Coach.


Regular Academy Membership

Students are divided into groups of 8 students (maximum), based on their skill level (novice, intermediate and racing) and progress. Each group trains separately to other groups. Training takes place once a week, on average, but can vary (upwards or downwards) due to a number of reasons such as weather, preparations for racing, holiday periods etc. 


Children interested in participating in competitions are required to join the Regular Academy Membership.

Commitment for a longer term is important both for students’ progress as well as better scheduling of training sessions. This is particularly important for students wishing to progress in competitive sailing. Joining this group is possible for periods of 6 months: January to June and July to December. Membership for each period is €300 and is payable in advance in January and July.

Monthly Academy Membership

For those who cannot commit for the longer term, the Club offers monthly Academy Memberships. The cost is €100 per month and is payable in advance at the beginning of each month. We do not offer memberships for periods less than a month, but small group lessons can be arranged (see below).


Ad-Hoc private lessons

Private individual or small group lessons can be arranged subject to scheduling with the coach. The cost is €40 per hour per person.


The Club offers equipment suitable for training, so there is no requirement for parents to purchase equipment other than personal items. However, athletes who are serious about competitive sailing are encouraged to invest in their own Optimist boat and/or spars and sails.


Further Information


If you need any further information or would like to schedule a visit to check out our facilities and have a chat with us and the coach, please get in touch with us and mention the type of package you are interested in.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Nicosia Sailing Club, Optimist Sailing Academy

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