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Club Membership

The Nicosia Sailing Club is a sailing-racing club registered with the Cyprus Sailing Federation. All income generated is invested in improving the club’s facilities, maintaining equipment and gear, and covering the cost of fuel for the safety boats. Membership entails privileges as well as obligations:



Members have access to the club’s facilities and all activities dyring opening hours and the right to participate in racing  and social events running throughout the year. 


The NSC has no paid staff and is run entirely by its members. Membership expresses a willingness to become involved in club activities and to contribute time and expertise in helping our club function. Members’ contributions vary from helping to run races, to helping to improve club facilities by participating in various types of work. Members are also expected to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect the committee and decide on important matters referring to the club’s present and future.

Becoming a Member

1. Check out the Club's Regulations and fees.

2. Fill in the online Membership form in Greek or in English.

3. We will review and approve your application within 48 hours

4. Once approved you will receive an email with an invoice relating to Club's fees

5. Pay the invoice online or via bank transfer or in person.



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